1. Services

Programms   Offered 

•  Junior Section

•  Senior Section

•  College Section

•  Evening Shift Classes

•  The Postgraduate Section

•  Self-Supporting Program

2. Facilities


• Emergency/ First aid Medical facilities are provided to all College students.

• A student suffering from a contagious disease will not be allowed to attend the College until health clearance certificate is issued by the doctor.

• Cooperation from parents in these matters will be expected and welcomed by the College authorities.


Hostel facility is offered to Queen Mary students. A well- maintained hostel is located in the College. The facilities provided include shared bedrooms, wash-rooms, sitting rooms, dining rooms and kitchen. Essential staff like cooks, cleaners and security guards have also been provided.


• Students are directed to contact the College Transport Committee to get their bus cards issued soon after their admission to the College. Bus card will be issued on first come first served basis.

• Students who want to use the transport facility will have to pay a one time annual bus fare of Rs.10,000. Bus cards issued will be valid for the current academic year.

• Students are expected to behave decently while using the College transport facility. Any complaints in this regard will result in the cancellation of bus card of the student.

• In case of loss, a student may get a duplicate bus card after paying Rs.100/-.


Equipped with the latest exercise machines/gadgets, the Health/Fitness Club is open for members of the staff and students.


1. All merit scholarships/stipends of Govt. / Board/University will be available in this College.

2. All applications for scholarships/stipends should be submitted through the Principal.

3. Rs. 5000/- per annum merit scholarship will be given to the needy students out of the grant given by the Government.


Various events and activities are encouraged in this College for a holistic mind and body development. The College arranges seminars, functions and social get-togethers on a regular basis. A number of Societies exist in the College to train and groom the girls to participate in Inter-Collegiate Functions, Seminars, Conferences, Sports Competitions and Quiz Competitions etc.


There are five separate libraries in Queen Mary College.

•  The Junior School Section Library

•  The Senior School Section Library

•  The College Arts Library

•  The College Science Library

•  The Postgraduate Section Library