Welcome to the web page of the Department of Applied Psychology at our college! We are committed to enabling individuals to acquire profound knowledge about the human behaviour and mental processes , while simultaneously tackling complex psychological, social, and behavioural challenges encountered in everyday life. Our department proudly offers a diverse array of dynamic programs tailored to meet the pressing demand for high-quality education and expertise in this field. In 2002, we introduced our postgraduate program (MSc), followed by the commencement of the 4-year BS program in 2021, and the subsequent launch of the 2-year BS Programme as replacement of MSc 2 year programme in 2022.
Over the years, the Department of Applied Psychology has been fortunate to have exceptional leaders who have shaped its success. Mrs. Sajida Pervaiz and Mrs. Yasmeen Naeem served as officiating Principal and Vice Principal of the College, respectively, contributing significantly to the department’s development. Additionally, Mrs. Seemi Gull, Mrs Yousaf, Mrs. Anjum Ara Khalid, Mrs. Sajida Pervaiz, Mrs. Farzeen Saleem, Mrs. Yasmeen Naeem, and Mrs. Shumaila Pervaiz and Ms. Rubeena Shaheen have previously served as Head of the Department, providing invaluable guidance to both faculty and students. We are proud to introduce our current Head of the Department, Ms. Shazia Aslam. With her dedication and expertise, she is leading the department towards new heights, ensuring that students receive the best education and support possible.


A degree in BS Applied Psychology offers a bright and promising scope for students, opening doors to diverse career opportunities in various public and private sectors. Graduates can work in government departments, including Health Sector roles in hospitals, clinics, and community centres, as well as in education as student counsellors and psychologists. Additionally, there are opportunities in armed forces selection/training centres, police and forensic departments, and human resource management departments in the private sector. Applied psychologists are also sought after by NGOs working with special populations and in policy-making initiatives. The field’s versatility allows graduates to make a real difference in people’s lives, contributing to research, innovation, and global initiatives. Continuous learning and growth opportunities further enhance the potential for a fulfilling and impactful career.
Presently Applied Psychology graduates are serving in below given departments in Pakistan i-e in education as lecturer, in research centre as research officer, as teaching faculty and clinical psychologist in special education department and in private clinics, Sports psychologist and Organizational psychologist in different industries and business setups. They are also selected as psychologist by public service commission in BPS 16 & BPS 17 both and serve in hospitals, Burn & reconstructive centres, Social welfare department ( Darul aman , Darul fallah), Population welfare department, Criminal /correctional psychologist in jail.

Vision And Mission

We have a vision  to facilitating individuals in acquiring knowledge about the human mind and behaviour, while addressing challenging psychological, social, and behavioural issues encountered in daily life.

Our mission is to achieve academic and research excellence by playing a significant role in teaching, conducting psychological research, and providing unconditional services for the welfare of community.