The Economics department offers valuable insights into individual and social behaviors, providing a deep understanding of contemporary economic issues. At the Department of Economics, we focus on developing essential skills required for various sectors, including education, international institutions, and public services.

Our esteemed institution, Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College (GQMGC), takes immense pride in the contributions of our distinguished professors. We are grateful for the invaluable efforts of Ms. Tayyaba Izhar (former H.O.D, College Section-head, and vice-Principal), Ms. Sadia Ahmad (former H.O.D and vice-Principal), and Ms. Saniya Tariq, who have significantly contributed to the progress and betterment of the department.

Presently, our Economics department boasts a vibrant team of regular, contractual, and visiting faculty, dedicated to providing students with a challenging and stimulating study and research experience. We are renowned for our excellence in teaching, advising, and delivering quality education and lifelong training to our students, enabling them to comprehend how economic agents interact and how the economy operates.

We offer a range of programs at the intermediate, undergraduate, and graduate levels that cater to market demands and enhance the intellectual abilities of our students. Our students have access to various facilities and resources, including an extensive library and computer lab, to support their learning and development in the field of Economics.

At the Economics department, we are committed to preparing our students to embrace the challenges they will encounter on their journey to achieve their goals. With the knowledge and skills acquired here, they will be well-prepared to make significant contributions to society and thrive in their chosen careers

Vision and Mission

To create a collegial environment that emphasizes on continuous professional excellence in instruction, research and application of theory to practice. As an affiliated college of University of the Punjab, Department of Economics at GQMGC considers the curriculum mission and goals of PU as its precedent and simultaneously tailors its pedagogy and learning outcomes according to the enrolled students.

The department welcomes students from all backgrounds and actively accommodates their varying learning styles. The faculty of Economics Department is highly proficient and diverse, and actively strives to hone theoretical and critical thinking skills of all students. We aim to be recognized as a center of excellence in economics education and research, actively engaging with the goals and learning outcomes set by the University of the Punjab. By collaborating with students and providing comprehensive support, we endeavor to prepare them to confidently excel in their academic journey and competently succeed in their final board examinations. Through our commitment to continuous improvement, innovation, and ethical conduct, we aspire to contribute to the betterment of society and create a positive impact on the world through economics.


Students who choose to study economics not only gain the skills needed to understand complex markets but come away with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as the business acumen necessary to succeed in the professional world. In fact, economics can be useful for professionals in all industries and aspects of daily life, not just in business.


The Department of Economics
Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College
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