Head of Department Message

Welcome to the Department of Zoology at the Govt Queen Mary Graduate College Lahore. Our team is highly skilled, and recognised academicians, whose major research and teaching goals are to provide excellence and high productivity.
Our staff and students work on and are passionate about a variety of animals, from the molecular to the ecological level.
Above all, we strive to be a leading research and teaching department in the disciplines of Zoology in Lahore, recognised for the quality, relevance and impact of our research and graduates that are sought after by all stakeholders.
I encourage you to browse our website to become familiar with the people in the Department who believe firmly in Excellence and Inclusiveness. A unique fabric of mutual respect and learning bonds our department, which has helped us excel on all fronts, curricular and co-curricular. The dynamic faculty with diverse specializations work hard to not only impart knowledge but to inculcate scientific culture among students. The four years of college life at the Department of Zoology in Queen Mary Graduate College Lahore helps bring out the latent talent of all students by providing a disciplined yet fun-filled encouraging environment.

Prof. Dr. Nadia Dar

Head of the Department