College Building

The Queen Mary Graduate College is nestled at the heart of Lahore, flanking both sides of Durand Road near Garhi Shahu, and boasts an enchanting blend of traditional architecture that captivates with its charm. Within a remarkably brief period, Queen Mary College has earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Its remarkable building, skilfully designed by Bhai Ram Singh, stands as a testament to architectural brilliance.

A monumental bridge, a visionary project undertaken by the City Govt. Lahore at a cost of Rs. 6.5 million, now connects the two wings of the College, fulfilling a long-standing student demand. This bridge facilitates a seamless flow of staff and students between the two sides. The college offers a plethora of classes in both the school and college wings, complete with well-equipped science laboratories and five well-stocked libraries. Additionally, it boasts facilities like a hockey field, several playgrounds, and even a swimming pool for student use.

Once renowned as a garden college, its lush trees and verdant grounds were nourished by water from the Lahore canal. However, with time, the surrounding open land has transformed into expanding housing colonies. Similarly, the college’s open spaces have given way to construction to accommodate the growing number of students requiring additional classrooms. Nonetheless, Queen Mary College remains an academic gem that continues to uphold its legacy of excellence.