Over a period of one hundred years, Queen Mary College, Lahore, has acquired a certain charisma. Originally named as Victoria May Girls High School, was established in 1908, during the reign of king George V. Therefore, it was named after his spouse named Queen Mary. It is a unique and different college from the other women’s colleges in Pakistan because its services are for all the ages of women. It is a special institution where education is imparted from grade one to the graduate level.

Initially, the college was established as a school exclusively for the daughters of the rich and influential, serving as a sister institution to Aitchison Boys’ College. However, after independence, the college abolished the old admission restrictions, embracing students from all segments of society. As most of the students admitted to the school observed purdah, the institution came to be known as the “Purdah school.
Throughout its long history, Queen Mary College has witnessed numerous colourful and challenging moments, which it has handled uniquely in its own distinctive manner. As a testament to its resilience and adaptability, the college has evolved into a modern institution, admitting applicants from diverse backgrounds, and now stands as a prestigious school for about 3000 girls, a remarkable growth from its humble beginnings with just 11 students.
Among the girls who were first admitted to the school, were Ms. Jahan Ara and Ms. Gaiti Ara who later played an important role in the freedom movement of Pakistan as Begum Jahan Ara Shahnawaz and Begum Gaiti Ara Bashir Ahmad. Begum Shahnawaz also worked tirelessly for the welfare of her Alma Mater and remained the President of the Advisory Committee of the College for a number of years. Many other prominent ladies of Lahore, like Lady Fazl-e-Hussain and Lady Abdul Qadir were also members of this Committee.
In 2023 the College celebrated the 115th Anniversary. In that time 26 Principals have led the College and their photographs may be seen in the college conference room. The first principal was Ms. A.J Edgley.

In 1966, this institution took a significant step forward by attaining the status of a degree college, marking a pivotal moment in its educational journey. Later, in 2003, it reached another milestone when it evolved into a centre for postgraduate classes and stared BS Program in 2014, offering advanced academic opportunities. However, to meet the evolving demands of modern education, the college has recently undergone a transformative change. The postgraduate disciplines have transitioned into more comprehensive programs, offering two-year replacement Programs. This forward-looking approach ensures that students receive a well-rounded and enriching educational experience, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen fields.

Presently, Queen Mary College provides a diverse range of BS Programs catering to students across various disciplines, including sciences, social sciences, commerce, arts, and languages. Moreover, the college offers intermediate courses with a plethora of subject combinations, accommodating both morning and evening time college hours to suit students’ preferences. Notably, at the school level, Queen Mary College offers both Cambridge curriculum and Punjab Board curriculum, presenting students with a choice to pursue the educational path that aligns with their aspirations and academic goals. This comprehensive approach ensures that students receive quality education and ample opportunities to excel in their chosen fields at every level of their academic journey.

The College offers bright career prospects to its young queens, encouraging them to develop their potential and polish their talents. It inculcates in them a positive attitude towards life which can ensure the fulfillment of their dreams.