The Department of Chemistry has honour to be one of the oldest departments of Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College (GQMGC). Chemistry department was producing knowledge students at intermediate level from the very beginning of the college years. The department owes a great deal of gratefulness to the eminent teachers and professors, who contributed towards the progress and betterment of department and worked as the head of the department.

Ms Jhan Ara and served as vice principal while Dr. Prof Irfana Maryam from Chemistry Department as last principal of the college. Ms. Ajum luminously worked as Head of the department from 2020-2023. Currently, Ms. Saliha Mehboob is serving as the Head of Chemistry department, GQMGC.

Vision and Mission

To play a leading role in teaching, research, innovation and technical development through academic and research excellence, while maintaining international quality standards.


The scope of pursuing a BS in Chemistry for female students is vast and promising, as it opens doors to various career opportunities in research and development, pharmaceuticals, environmental sciences, forensic science, chemical engineering, and academia, providing a platform to make significant contributions in scientific advancements and societal progress.


The Department of Chemistry
Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College
2- Durand Road, Lahore. Pakistan
Phone No: 042-6317078