Home Economics is a field of study that draws from a range of disciplines to achieve optimal and sustainable living for individuals, families, and communities. The central focus of Home Economics education is the well-being of people.

Lady Shahab-Uddin Palace at Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College served as the first institute of Punjab where Home Economics as a subject was introduced by laying a foundation for the college of Home Economics in 1950s. Home Economics College was later shifted to a purpose-built campus in Gulberg and in 1964 on strong demand of parents and students, Outlines of Home Economics as an elective subject at intermediate level was introduced at Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College.

In 1966, Essentials of Home Economics was initiated at Graduate level. Keeping in view the popularity and ever-growing demand for the subject, a separate building as a block of Home Economics was started in 1975 which met completion in1980. Separate labs for Food & Nutrition, Clothing & Textiles and Home Management were set up in the building. Home Economics was a very popular subject among students for 3 decades.

To meet the changing needs of times and ever evolving fast paced world, two new programs in Home Economics- BS Home Economics and Intermediate in Home Economics were started in 2022. 

The major fields of Home Economics are

  • Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Textiles, Apparel and Fashion Design 
  •  Human Development and Family Studies
  • Art and Design
  • Interior and Environmental Design

Vision and Mission

The mission of Home Economics Department is to prepare the students with the professional excellence in the fields of Home Economics through rigorous and adaptable academic program. Programs in Home Economics are introduced with the aim to foster creativity in students and to help them in dealing with the upcoming global challenges. It also helps students to become independent, connecting with others, and acting towards preferred futures that support individual and family well-being. Through Home Economics education, students become empowered, active, and informed members of society.


Studying Home Economics offers girls a wide and promising scope in various fields. This comprehensive program equips students with knowledge and skills related to family and consumer sciences, preparing them for diverse career opportunities. Graduates can excel as nutritionists, dietitians, or food researchers, promoting healthy eating habits and addressing nutritional challenges. They can also become interior designers, focusing on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.
Home economists may choose to work in textile and fashion industries, contributing to the design and production of clothing and fabrics. Additionally, the knowledge of child development and family dynamics acquired in this program makes them valuable assets in educational settings, counseling centers, and social work agencies. Furthermore, with the rise in awareness of sustainable living and eco-friendly practices, home economists can play pivotal roles in promoting environmentally conscious lifestyles. Overall, pursuing BS Home Economics opens doors to a rewarding career, empowering girls to positively impact individuals, families, and communities alike.


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