The Department of Fine Arts has started in 1966 at Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College (GQMGC). Fine Art department has been producing knowledge students at intermediate in 1966 and graduate level in 1970. The department owes a great deal of gratitude to the eminent teachers and professors, who contributed towards the progress and betterment of department. Currently, Ms. Rabeea Ali brilliantly worked as Head of the department, GQMGC.

Vision and Mission

Preparing dedicated students for 21st-century careers through rigorous, pre-professional arts training in a dynamic, inclusive, collaborative learning community. Here are some common elements that may be part of the mission of a Fine Arts department: Education and Skill Development: The department aims to provide high-quality instruction and training in various disciplines of the fine arts, including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, ceramics, theatre, music, dance, and more. The focus is on developing technical proficiency, artistic expression, and craftsmanship. The department encourages students to explore their creativity, think critically, and develop their unique artistic voices. It fosters an environment that supports experimentation, risk-taking, and the development of innovative ideas.
Cultural and Historical Understanding: The department may emphasize the study of art history, cultural diversity, and the role of the arts in society. It aims to provide students with a deep understanding of the historical, social, and cultural contexts in which art is created.
Collaboration and Interdisciplinary Approach: Fine Arts departments often encourage collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches, where students have opportunities to work with peers from different artistic disciplines.


Studying Fine Arts offers college girls a wide scope of opportunities to express their creativity and cultivate their artistic talents. It opens doors to careers in various fields such as visual arts, graphic design, illustration, animation, art therapy, art education, museum curation, and freelance work, allowing them to pursue their passion, contribute to the art community, and create impactful and visually compelling experiences in society.


The objectives of the Fine Art Society in a girls’ college are to foster creativity, artistic expression, and appreciation among students. The society aims to provide a platform for girls to explore different art forms, develop their skills, and showcase their artwork through exhibitions, workshops, and collaborative projects. It also aims to encourage a supportive and inclusive artistic community that inspires personal growth, cultural understanding, and the exploration of diverse perspectives through art.


The Department of Fine Arts
Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College
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