Head of Department Message

Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College Lahore is one of the oldest academic institute in the country, providing good quality education to girls in various fields. Home Economics Department at Government Queen Mary Graduate College is devoted to add value to the society by producing effective and efficient citizens. Home Economics education advocates for positive change in home life experiences for individuals and families. It is the foundation of knowledge, attitudes and abilities that affect daily decision making throughout our lives. Home Economics consists of five interdependent areas Food, Nutrition and Dietetics, Textiles, Apparel and Fashion Design, Human development and Family Studies Art and Design, Interior and Environmental Design.

Students of Home Economics critically examine significant concerns of daily life in terms of consequences to self, family, and society. Home Economics education contributes to the development of individuals and the family as functioning units of society. In addition, Home Economics prepares students to use entrepreneurial skills, accept challenges, adjust and adapt in a climate of change, experiment and use creativity, make informed judgements, and apply reasoned action to practical life situations Home Economics education has helped several students to be successful entrepreneurs, thereby becoming functional members of the society who are contributing their share in uplifting the economy of the country.

Dr. Fatima Hassan
Head of Home Economics Department
Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College, Lahore.