Head of Department Message

Welcome to the Social Work Department at Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College Lahore, one of the nation’s oldest academic institutions, dedicated to providing quality education to girls in diverse fields. Our department is committed to creating impactful and efficient citizens, adding value to society. Through Social Work education, we advocate for positive changes in individuals’ and families’ lives. Our students critically examine everyday concerns and their societal consequences, fostering holistic development for individuals and families as integral units of society. As the Head of the department, I take immense pride in producing diverse professionals, equipped to be change agents, counselors, advocates, activists, and researchers. Join us in promoting social justice, empowerment, and a high quality of life for all, making a positive difference in our society. Together, we will overcome obstacles and build a future of equity, justice, and well-being.

Ms. Aasia Rashid
Head of Social Work Department
Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College, Lahore.