The Department of Islamiyat has honor to be one of the oldest departments of Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College (GQMGC). Islamiyat department has been producing knowledge in students at intermediate in 1950 and graduate level in 1966. The department owes a great deal of gratitude to the eminent teachers and professors like Ms. Khawer, Ms. Rehana, both of them also worked as college section also in their tenure. The last head of department was Ms. Ruksana, who contributed towards the progress and betterment of department. The department is going to launched BS (4 Year) degree Program in 2024. Ms. Fatima Ashraf is serving as the Head of Islamiyat department, GQMGC at present.


Studying Islamic Studies offers promising career prospects for females. Graduates can become educators in schools, universities, or Madrasas, and engage in research in academic institutions. They can work as Islamic scholars, religious advisors, or contribute to media, journalism, and publishing. Opportunities exist in NGOs, social work, interfaith dialogue, and cultural organizations. Some may find roles in government departments or diplomatic services. Pursuing higher education can lead to specialization and academia. Additionally, skills like critical thinking, research, and cultural understanding open doors to various professions beyond religious studies. With a global interest in intercultural communication, these graduates can foster peaceful coexistence and bridge cultural and religious gaps.

Vision And Mission

Preparing dedicated students for 21st-century careers through rigorous, pre-professional arts training in a dynamic, inclusive, collaborative learning community. Here are some common elements that may be part of the mission of a Fine Arts department: Education and Skill Development: The department aims to provide high-quality instruction and training in various disciplines of the fine arts, including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, ceramics, theatre, music, dance, and more. The focus is on developing technical proficiency, artistic expression, and craftsmanship. The department encourages students to explore their creativity, think critically, and develop their unique artistic voices. It fosters an environment that supports experimentation, risk-taking, and the development of innovative ideas.

Cultural and Historical Understanding: The department may emphasize the study of art history, cultural diversity, and the role of the arts in society. It aims to provide students with a deep understanding of the historical, social, and cultural contexts in which art is created.

Collaboration and Interdisciplinary Approach: Fine Arts departments often encourage collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches, where students have opportunities to work with peers from different artistic disciplines.


Department of Islamic Studies aims to deliver and cater world class teaching and learning environment.

  • It intends to enable students to serve as faithful representatives of a practiced Islam that is, according to the pattern of Allah’s Messenger.
  • It intends to provide sound Islamic knowledge that the students have acquired for themselves and which they carry back into their communities; an Islam practiced as a commitment to respect, care for and serve others.
  • To develop and support harmony between different religions and sects of society and to relate to others with tolerance, respect and consideration, whatever their beliefs and attitudes may be.


The Department of Islamic Studies
Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College
2- Durand Road, Lahore. Pakistan
Phone No: 042-6317078

Head of Department Message

Welcome to the Islamic Department at our esteemed Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College!

At our department, we are dedicated to providing a true understanding of Islam. Our mission is to empower young women with knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual growth, guided by the teachings of the Quran and Hadith. We encourage critical thinking, open dialogue, and a compassionate approach to Islamic principles. Our aim is to equip our students with the tools they need to become enlightened and empowered individuals, making meaningful contributions to their communities and the world. Join us on this transformative journey of faith and knowledge. Together, we will strive for excellence and uphold the values of Islam in all aspects of life.

Head of Islamiyat Department
Mrs. Fatima Ashraf 

Program offer

We offer Islamiyat (compulsory and elective both) at intermediate level and in ADP program with number of combination of subjects, the combination is given in the college prospectus.

Islamiyat is also teaching as a minor subject in different BS program.

BS Islamiyat is soon started after getting affiliation with University of the Punjab.

Admission Criteria

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Scrutiny of Forms

Eligible Candidates for Test / Interview

Test & Interview

Display of Final Merit Lists

Meet Out Faculty

Highly qualified and experienced PhD & M.Phil. faculty of College of Islamiyat is well trained to teach BISE and HEC approved syllabi of Intermediate and BS programs.

Ms Fatima Ashraf
Associate Professor
Ms Asma Tahira
Assistant Professor
Ms. Hooria Saeed
Ms Azka Shakoor
Ms. Tamiya Khalid