Program offer

The program objectives will be achieved by implementation and execution of the curriculum. The following elements of strategic plan will be followed to achieve the program mission and objectives:

The curriculum comprises of Core subjects and Elective subjects. In the first three Semester (I-III), the students learn the compulsory courses, foundation courses of Zoology and general courses to be chosen from other disciplines (Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Botany etc.) as approved by the Punjab university. In the Semesters IV-VIII, the students study the breadth and advanced courses of Zoology.

 Concept building: through laboratory work, applying theoretical knowledge.

 Internships : institutes related to research such as PCSIR,INMOL, CEMB and CAMB . Shaukat Khanum Hospital and many other renowned medical labs offer internships to our students.

 Co-curricular activities: like academic clubs, participating in national and international competitions and exhibitions.

● The curriculum followed for the BS Zoology Program at Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College is approved by the academic committees of Institute of Zoology, University of the Punjab and is designed following the HEC guidelines. Addition of new courses and amendments in syllabi from time to time is approved by Board of Studies, Board of Faculty of Science, Academic Council and finally University Syndicate.

Admission Criteria

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Eligible Candidates